Voodoo Choppers is known for unique Hand Crafted Motorcycles and Components.

We are pleased to offer the following services…

  • Hand Crafted Machines
    Whether you are looking for a One|2|One machine or a ReBirth.  Voodoo Choppers is known for unique HandCrafted MotorCycles.
  • Hand Crafted Frames img_3385
    Are you looking for a special “one of a kind” frame?  Something “No One” else has?  We can build you a complete frame or modify your existing frame.  One thing is guaranteed, it will fit you like a glove.
  • Re-Engineered Stock Frames
    We can take your stock frame and modify it to meet your needs.  You would be amazed to see what we have done to a Stock frame.  When modifying your frame the VIN is always kept intact.
  • Hand Crafted Front Ends
    Complete Springer front ends or a fine set of Triple Trees for your project.
  • Hand Crafted Fuel Tanks
    Crafted from steel or aluminum, our tanks are always completely HandCrafted and totally unique.  We can build from a sketch or you can leave the design to us.  Either way you will end up with a masterpiece.  All of our tanks are pressure and sealed before shipping.
  • Hand Crafted Handlebars
    Every bike needs a set of bars to finish it off.  Using the wrong style bars will kill the looks and comfort of your bike.  Let us help you design a set of bars that will not only look great but be comfortable for you to ride.
  • Hand Crafted Oil Tanks
    Round?  Oval? Horse-Shoe? Hidden?  No matter your flavor we can take care of you.  All of our tanks are pressure tested before shipping and ready for paint or installation.  Made from Steel, Aluminum or Stainless.  Need special fittings or a battery?  Let us know.
  • Hand Crafted Fenders img_1321
    We have built many fenders over the years… High Crown, Low Crown, Long, Short…What ever you need.  If you are looking for something completely special or just want a fender with the correct radius for your needs.  Done Deal.
  • Hand Crafted exhaust systems
    We use 16g material for our Exhaust Systems and we have built 2 into 2 and 2 into 1 systems.  Many of our Exhaust Systems are Steel, but we have also used Stainless Steel.  If you are looking for something different, look no further.
  • Hand Crafted Foot Control Systems
    We build both forward control systems and mid-control systems.  Let us know if you need are looking for a foot clutch set-up either mechanical or hydraulic.  Our foot pegs have interchangeable pegs with optional dress plates.  The entire Foot Control System is available in Stainless Steel or Mild Steel.
  • Regular maintenance and service
    Oil change or full Tune-Up.  Everything you need to keep your machine on the road and your head in the wind.
  • Motor and transmission upgrades and rebuilds
    Tired of getting smoked by your buddies?  Or maybe your just tired of burning too much oil.  Everything from a total rebuild to an upgrade.  We have you covered.

**All of the images shown are for reference.  We can craft anything for you.