Biker Build Off

The premise of the show is having two different bike builders each build a bike within 10 days.  The two builders would then meet up and ride there bikes about 600 miles to a rally and have the public vote for there favorite.


Eric Gorges VS. Cory Ness Premiered February, 2005


The Ultimate Car Build-Off

In this tournament-style competition, America’s top auto shops compete for a chance at glory and a $100,000 grand prize. Each week garages from Los Angeles, Detroit and Atlanta transform trucks into tanks and Firebirds into fliers in an attempt to make it to the finals and win the cash. Join hosts Lou Santiago and Andrew Comrie-Picard (“ACP”) — as well as judge Chip Foose — as the greatest minds in automotive engineering twist and turn the ordinary into the ass-kickingly awesome.


FOUR-WHEEL WHEELIE MACHINE Premiered July 19, 2010 Monkeywrench Racing and Voodoo Choppers are tasked with taking two motorcycles and making a single four-wheeled vehicle with one purpose in mind: to pull the longest wheelie they can down the mile runway at historic Grosse Ile Municipal Airport.


TANK TREAD TRUCK Premiered Aug. 9, 2010 The winning teams of the Push Me, Pull You and Four-Wheel Wheelie Machine challenges tackle the tricky realm of treaded vehicles, as they attempt to turn trucks into tanks capable of taking on the obstacle course at the Eaton Proving Grounds.

Voodoo Tank